Nøytralisering av Grunnleggende motsetninger

PEAT Prosessering ser ut til å løse opp og nøytralisere den, og de, grunnleggende motsetninger i et menneskes liv.

Jeg har bestemt meg for å ikke prøve å forklare nærmere hva Dyp PEAT går ut på og har bestemt meg for at dette tilbys kun til eksisterende klienter.

Jeg har i 2014, bestemt meg for å bli ferdig utdannet PEAT Trainer og vil levere kurs i dette fra senhøsten/vinteren.

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Her er litt av innledningen i boken ”PEAT – New Pathways” av Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski


“The most important result of Deep PEAT is that one uncovers, makes conscious, and integrates one’s Primordial Polarities (PP), or Primes, usually in the first session. We often refer to them as Personal Codes. At the moment you make conscious and integrate your Personal Codes, neutralization of the opposites occurs – the ancient dream of medieval alchemists and, in the recent times, Jung’s analytical psychology. At that moment you see one Primordial Polarity in the other and vice versa. They become ONE.

Neutralization of Personal Codes solves your fundamental life-problem forever. If you follow Deep Peat’s procedure correctly, you cannot avoid this even if you want to. This process liberates the human being from the deadly grasp of the fundamental forces of duality.”


“A theoretical explanation of the nature of Primordial Polarities is still in its early stagesof development. When a Spiritual Being from the Great Unmanifest (Brahma, Sunyata, Tao, Quantum Vacuum…) first enters into the manifest universe of matter, energy, space and time, it posts two energetic pillars at its entrance – these are its first Yin and Yang.

They define the Spiritual Being’s basic playground. From that moment on, it plays its fundamental game of life between them.”